Trade in gas

PSI offers energy trade and distribution and portfolio management functionalities. The system supports the entire sales process from strategic planning to demand requisitioning, purchasing, energy distribution, control and balancing.

PSImarket is designed to support a wide range of customer types, energy carriers (electricity, gas), currencies and languages. The system is made for companies which purchase energy to deliver it to customers under contractual obligations as well as purely financial players who purchase power to resell it at a profit.

The system has a modular and hierarchical design. Its full version comes with all the functions necessary to support linked processes ranging from planning to balancing. This enables access to various areas of application and degrees of scalability.


Functional group of basic PSImarket modules – gas trade:

  • planning functions
  • trade functions
  • distribution functions

The PSIintegration module allows reliable PSImarket integration with existing external solutions at the customer’s organization such as primary or balancing systems.

"Our new PSI system solutions allow us to manage procurement profiles in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Ever since the system was put in place, we have been able to map all energy purchasing processes clearly thus gaining control over their operation".

Dieter Seitz
Department Head,

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