Pipeline management  (SCADA)

The high standards in place on the markets of Europe, Russia and the Middle East require universal tools to support the transmission of fuels in the form of raw materials and finished products.

In response to market demand, PSI has developed the dedicated fuel pipeline management system PSIcontrol/Oil. The system is designed around the two priorities of functionality and safety.

Pipeline management (SCADA) by means of the PSIcontrol/Oil system:

  • dynamic pipeline status assessment
  • recognition of changes in utility mix
  • self-learning system adjustable to changing environments and specifically to sunlight exposure, rapid point cooling, selected pumping regimes, etc.
  • modifiable pumping regimes
  • pressure adjustment to conserve electricity, reduce pipeline wear and tear, optimise pump performance, etc.
  • pipeline control corresponding to pipe profiles - height, ground structure
  • training simulator
  • historic event analyser

From the operator’s viewpoint, PSIcontrol/Oil allows, among others, the tracking of various product batches from pipeline entry to exit. Information on the exact product location helps prevent product mixing and product contamination in tank. Pipeline management with PSIcontrol/Oil also allows pumping responsive to the availability of storage space at fuel terminals and stations. This significantly simplifies and streamlines fuel logistics.