Transmission planning and metering

Continuous supplies of crude oil to refineries can only be ensured with accurate planning and precise transport checks. PSIcarlos offers support before and after physical transport thereby expanding on PSI control software used to support processes throughout the entire transport chain.

PSIcarlos enables optimal planning and precise balancing of crude transportation. PSIcarlos is the answer to challenges arising in a multi-company working environment where refineries (owned by multiple co-owners and spread over multiple locations) require different crude oil grades and where purchasing relies on shared pipelines, tank farms, oil ports, trains and underground caverns.

PSIcarlos is an integrated system made up of several functional components, including:

  • Nominations for recording customer orders also over the Internet
  • Planning used as a planning tool which allows the creation and simulation of various transport and storage scenarios with a view to optimising the system to prescribed criteria. The resulting action schedules are provided directly to dispatchers/operators
  • Metering used to record qualitative and quantitative measurements and transport operations
  • Balancing conducts quantitative balancing of all shipments broken down by grade for defined balance accounts generating billing data
  • Trader Information provides dynamic compilations and forecasts regarding resource changes. It offers the valuable function of optimising resource purchasing.

All balancing data is prepared automatically. The system comprises a set of standard reports. Users may also take advantage of a dedicated online tool for report creation and publishing.

Features of the PSIcarlos system:

  • support at all stages of transport
  • extensive control functionality and conformity checks
  • topological infrastructure modelling
  • optimised-scenario-based planning and grade property calculations
  • volume/weight conversions based on physical and chemical parameters of substances
  • visualisations for tank farms, tankers, production supplies, pipeline transmission, etc.
  • individual presentation of each grade
  • generation of transport plans
  • preparation of transport variants
  • generation of operational instructions
  • accounting for contamination issues
  • overview and forecasting of changes in resource availability
  • accounting for unavailability of individual infrastructure components
  • reduction of energy consumption by pumps
  • option to modify proposed schedule items
  • recording of measurement data
  • quantitative settling of any liquid substances transported
  • calculations of velocity, throughput time, volume, tonnage, etc.
  • conversions between different standards (GOST, ISO/DIN, ASTM) 
  • multilingualism
  • parallel operation of multiple users and authorizations
  • independence of system platform

"We use PSIcarlos to create and develop transport balancing. It is also a great tool to simulate operational pumping scenarios. The service and further development of PSIcarlos software meets all of our expectations. We find PSI, the provider of PSIcarlos and PSIcontrol V7 software, to be a reliable partner for effectively fulfilling MVL orders."

Dieter Pohlann
Project Head, Automation
Mineralölverbundleitung GmbH Schwedt

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