Pipeline and gas network management

The PSI Gas Management Suite (PSI GMS) is a well-tested package of applications used in the operation of technical transmission networks, gas storage facilities and the handling of commercial business processes.  

Whereas PSI’s gas network management is an integrated system, its modular design allows for the deployment of certain functionalities and its integration with the user’s existing solutions from other providers. PSI GMS supports data exchange with external systems and its publication in the format of one’s choice, such as graphs or tables.

Pipeline and gas network management:

  • SCADA system functions – PSIcontrol/Gas
  • contract management functions – PSItransport
  • dispatching planning – PSItransport
  • consumption forecasting – PSIprognose
  • simulations (in real time, in advance, conditional) – PSIganesi
  • optimisation – PSIganesi
  • leak detection – PSIganesi
  • gas quality tracking – PSIganproda

The PSIcontrol/Gas system relies on the discrete customer concept. Combined with the authorization protocol, the concept offers full access control and ensures the safety of any stored data. By using parallel architecture and component redundancies, the PSI solution can achieve maximum system efficiency and availability. Its flexible navigation options and dialogue structure ensure a high level of utility making gaspipeline and network management highly effective. The system is compatible with MS Windows, Linux and UNIX and uses the Oracle database.