PSI Poland products

Below is a list of our main products divided into sectors. You are welcome to contact our consultants. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

PSIcontrol Power network management (SCADA/EMS/DMS).
PSIcommand Network maintenance team management.
PSImarket Trade and sales of electricity.
PSIvpp Virtual power plants management.
Gas and oil
PSIcontrolOil Pipeline management (SCADA).
LDS module in PSIcontrolOil Fuel leak detection and location.
PSI Gas Management Suite (PSI GMS) Pipeline and gas network management.
PSImarket Trade in gas.
PSIcarlos Transmission planning and metering.
PSIasm Production scheduling (APS). Manufacturing execution and control (MES, SCADA).
PSIilo Optimizing intralogistics.
PSIwms Warehouse management system (WMS).
PSItms Transport management system (TMS).
PSIglobal Logistics network optimisation.
Public transport
PSItraffic/Info Passenger information systems.
PSItraffic/ITCS Traffic management.
PSItraffic/DMS Depot management (DMS).