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We offer a broad portfolio of systems that allow for effective management of supply chains and energy.


PSIasm Real-time production scheduling (APS). Production execution and process control (MES, SCADA).


PSIwms Warehouse management (WMS).
PSItms Transport management (TMS).
PSIglobal Logistics network optimization.
PSIilo Intralogistics optimization.

Power Engineering

PSIcontrol Electrical network management (SCADA/EMS/DMS).
PSIcommand Management of network maintenance teams.
PSImarket Electricity trading and sales.
PSIvpp Virtual power plant management.
Dispatcher Equipment Large-format visualization and image control systems.
Telecontrol automation Remote control, monitoring, and signaling systems: Mauell, SAE-IT systems.

Oil and Gas

PSIcontrol/OIL Fuel Pipeline Management (SCADA).
PSIbox/LDS Leak detection and localization.
PSI GasManagement Suite(PSI GMS) Management of gas pipelines and networks.
PSImarket Gas trading.
PSIcarlos Transmission planning and billing.

Public Transport

PSItraffic/ITCS Vehicle traffic management.
PSItraffic/DMS Depot Management System (DMS).
PSItraffic/Info Passenger information systems.

Water supply, sewerage and heating networks

PSIjscada, PSIcontrol Water supply network management.
PSIcommand Management of network maintenance teams (Field Force Management).

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