Inter Cars Optimizes European Warehouse Logistics with PSIwms

Inter Cars Optimizes European Warehouse Logistics with PSIwms

Source: Inter Cars

Berlin, July xx, 2023 – PSI Polska Sp. z o.o. has been awarded by Inter Cars SA, the largest distributor of spare parts for cars, vans and trucks in Central and Eastern Europe, with the delivery of the Warehouse Management System PSIwms for its international markets. The new system will control the European warehouses and will replace the previous system.

PSI Polska is also responsible for the configurations of several warehouses types for the nearly 400 warehouses in 16 countries of Middle-Eastern Europe. In order to enable Inter Cars to maintain the system on its own, the consultants will also be trained.

The Inter Cars Capital Group is a Polish distributor of automotive spare parts operating in a number of European markets. Due to the dynamic development of the company, Inter Cars decided in favor of the Warehouse Management System PSIwms which already supports some of its warehouses in Poland.

“We were looking for a scalable solution which would allow us to further develop the company,” explains Krzysztof Lutrowicz, Director of Supply Chain at ILS Sp. z.o.o that is providing comprehensive logistics services related to warehousing and distribution for Inter Cars Group entities and external companies. “PSI’s fundamental experience and the guarantee of maintaining a stable team during the implementation and after the production launch were also of great importance to us. PSIwms is an advanced solution with rich configurability that will meet our current and future needs,” Krzysztof Lutrowicz adds.

The project started mid-2023 and assumes a work schedule for the next six years.