Meet PSIwms - warehouse management system

PSIwms is a flexible, state-of-the-art warehouse management system designed to support planning, execution, control and optimization processes in warehouses of various types: fully automatic and manual, for retail and e-commerce distribution.




Boost your warehouse capacity with artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Machine Learning and Big Data mechanisms harnessed in the PSIwms warehouse management system optimize picking paths, boost the efficiency of warehouse operations, and analyze the performance of warehouse personnel.


Boost your efficiency through automation of warehouse processes  

  • PSIwms controls the performance of people, machinery and equipment to boost its speed and efficiency. Automation of decision-making processes will minimize human error and shorten employee onboarding time. The Activity Tracking module registers every warehouse operation and facilitates reporting.

Configure our WMS software with the Click-Design function

  • A highly intuitive drag&drop graphics editor supports easy customization of PSIwms user screens by users themselves, with no need for any programming work.





E-commerce warehouse management system

  • Step-by-step operator guidance
  • Enhanced picking efficiency i.a. by selecting the optimum strategy and shortening picking paths
  • Fewer dispatch errors
  • Goods from receipt, quality control and returns areas quickly made available for sale
  • Easier returns handling
  • Lower dispatching costs thanks to optimization of packaging formats
  • Fewer empty runs
  • Ongoing monitoring of order processing
  • Shorter onboarding training for warehouse operators with process-related documentation transferred to WMS







Basic functions of the PSIwms warehouse management system

WMS-based process control

Tracking of all warehouse operations

Advanced picking of single- and multi-item orders

Selecting optimum packaging formats for dispatch (case calculation)

Dynamic slotting of orders to users

Management of quality control processes

Handling a number of different goods owners

Possible change of item location with class-based ABCD rotation

Yard management (YARD)

‘Live’ inventory counts (without interrupting warehouse operations)

Logistics KPI-tracking dashboard

In-house transport management and optimization




PSIwms supports various industries and warehouse types

Omnichannel in your warehouse – or how Empik integrated its sales channels.

Case study: PSIwms at LPP’s Distribution Center.

PSIwms, complete with the automatic material flow control (MFC) module, deployed at ASMET (fasteners producer).

Automatic warehouse management.



What clients say about us

In the past several years WMS allowed us to manage a ten-fold volume growth at our distribution center in Pruszcz Gdański, significantly boosting efficiency of the entire facility and accelerating order dispatching processes.

Jacek Kujawa
President of Management Board at LPP SA



Extra PSIwms modules

Warehouse Advanced Planning (WAP)

A module for the planning of warehouse logistics processes, real-time performance tracking, and planning of equipment operation (e.g. sorters).

Activity Tracking

Allows for the tracking of all warehouse movements by transport units and resources, and registering of other required activities in warehouse efficiency and staff performance reports.

Pick-list optimization

Designating optimum picking paths for a given pick list using artificial intelligence algorithms. More on LPP case study

Adaptive scenario management

An option to define or use ready-made system configuration versions for various scenarios, e.g. management of peak sales, day/night shift, etc.

Slot Management

Enables the scheduling of loading and unloading operations, reservation of time slots and vehicles, and graphical presentation in the form of tables and Gantt charts.

Material Flow Control (MFC)

The module controlling warehouse automation equipment (such as sorters, conveyors, stacker cranes) from different suppliers, integrated with the warehouse management system.



Integration of PSIwms with other systems

Warehouse automation equipment

PSIwms supports interface-based integration with warehouse automation equipment, such as sorters, stacker cranes, conveyors and forklift trucks from different suppliers (SSI SCHÄFER, TGW, Vanderlande, Jungheinrich).

ERP systems

PSIwms can be also integrated with all ERP systems available in the market, such as Comarch XL, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Graffiti, IFS, Oracle, as well as custom-made applications.

Sales management systems, courier mail applications

Efficient warehouse management often calls for data exchange with courier mail systems and sales platforms of retail and e-commerce stores.



Automatic Jungheinrich forklift control system at CCC’s warehouses.