Organization profile

PSI uses its proprietary products to deliver and integrate complete IT solutions for the power industry (electrical power networks as well as gas and fuel pipelines), manufacturing (the metalworking, automotive and machine building industries), logistics and public transport. Established in 1969, PSI employs more than 1,700 workers around the world with a turnover of ca. €180 million.

Customer orientation

Ever since our establishment, close collaboration with customers has been our key distinguishing characteristic. The key to our success has been to profoundly understand our customers’ processes. This approach has been helping us offer smart advanced technical solutions which even today live up to tomorrow’s challenges. PSI intends to solidify its global market position while remaining faithful to its philosophy.


By remaining fully independent of major software producers, PSI is in a position to offer extensive technological autonomy and flexibility to its customers. PSI also complies with all standards and best practices adopted in the IT industry. PSI’s innovative IT systems have become model solutions in many fields.

PSI in Poland

The formation of the Poznań Branch in November 2004 is in line with the Company's “Grow East!” strategy. The Polish branch is responsible for selling the Company's products, deployment and consulting services and for providing post-sale customer support. Poland has additionally assumed some of the tasks involved in developing PSI’s products. The Polish branch currently employs nearly  200 top-notch specialists.