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PSI Group Customers: public transport



MPK Poznań Sp. z o.o.

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne (210 million passengers per year, approx. 600 vehicles, buses and trams) is the largest depot in Poznan and one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. The depot is controlled by PSItraffic /DMS. The system is responsible for management of the workshop, availability of vehicles, routing the trams. DMS has been integrated with diagnostic devices and other information systems used by the carrier.


Hamburger Hochbahn AG

A depot management system for 5 depots managing over 800 buses. The company Hamburger Hochbahn handles 204 million passengers a year. The system has allowed it to fully automate its fleet management. A key objective of the project was to generate savings by e.g. optimising refuelling.


Stadtwerke Augsburg

The company Stadtwerke Augsburg carries 53 million passengers a year by offering transport services within Augsburg and the surrounding area. Depot management system (PSItraffic /DMS) supports a total of two depots: tram and bus, and in them a total of about 200 vehicles. The PSItraffic /DMS includes a fully automatic depot work planning, motion control, scheduling repairs workshop, registration of vehicle defects and automatic import schedules and plans roster.


Rhätische Bahn AG

Rhätische Bahn AG is the largest rail operator in the Swiss Alps. PSI system has been implemented here to manage the work of the workshop. System oversees the maintenance processes and production of spare parts and repairs. The software is used by over 200 users, who take care of the proper maintenance of 61 locomotives and 1.2 thousand of wagons. PSI also implemented a complete passenger information system with hundreds of displays placed on platforms and communication system.


GVB, Amsterdam

GVB Amsterdam

Fleet and passenger information management system/intermodal transport control system for the municipal public transit company GVB Amsterdam. The system handles the operation of approximately 300 trams and 300 buses. The project included an event-controlled ITCS, a traffic and public transport control centre and an updatable passenger information system.


Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG

A depot management system with servers and a vehicle tracking system for the transport company Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen. The system handles the operation of a fleet of over 250 buses and 200 trams across 7 depots. Its in-depot vehicle tracking relies on RFID technology (vehicle transmitters and hot-spots).


S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH

PSI supports S-Bahn Hamburg in managing over 160 trains and some 250 real-time passenger information displays in more than 60 train stations in Hamburg. PSI oversees train traffic and provides graphically displayed information for dispatchers, control centre schedulers, S-Bahn managers and services crews. The data is used for automated display control, real-time passenger information and advanced information boards on platforms. The system additionally supplies necessary information to drivers on board trains.


Rheinbahn AG, Düsseldorf

Rheinbahn AG, Düsseldorf

A depot management system for 5 depots managing over 400 buses and 300 trams. The company Rheinbahn AG of Düsseldorf handles 214 million passengers a year – it is Germany’s fifth largest transport company. DMS was implemented here for 5 depots, covering more than 400 buses and 300 trams. The PSItraffic/DMS replaced the previous system of management, which has been working in Rheinbahn AG for more than 20 years.