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Case Study PSI Polska


PSI Group Customers: warehouse management

System PSIwms is implemented in the largest Polish companies and many Customers worldwide


LPP, owner of clothing brands such as RESERVED, Cropp, House, MOHITO or SiNSAY, is the largest apparel manufacturer in the CEE region. Effective distribution of products in a network of around 1,700  stores located in above 20 countries would be impossible without efficient logistics processes involving product storage, sorting and dispatch. LPP’s Distribution Centre in Pruszcz Gdański covers the area of around 75k m2 and uses several kilometers of automatic conveyors, three sorters, several automatic carton handling units, as well as many scanners and automatic weighing systems. The PSIwms software deployed at LPP’s Distribution Centre will control the flow of goods and automate warehouse operations through integration with automatically controlled units.


The CCC Group operates a retail network of over 900 stores in 18 countries in Europe and beyond, with the floor space of more than 0.5 million square meters. Through its subsidiary eObuwie.pl S.A., CCC is also the leader of CEE’s footwear e-commerce business. With the headcount of over 12,000 employees, the Group sells more than 40 million pairs of shoes annually, with plans for opening 100 new stores every year. PSIwms provides automatation CCC’s logistics processes related to the receipt and release of goods, order picking and delivery tracking,  streamlines the adjustment of CCC’s warehouse processes to on-going business developments, and increase their efficiency and transparency.


Empik is Poland’s largest distributor of culture and entertainment products (including books, music, board games, art & crafts, etc.). The PSIwms system will support processes across Empik’s three key sales channels, namely: e-commerce (to individual customers), retail (to retail stores) and B2B (to business partners). Offering end-to-end functionalities, a single PSIwms system is able to replace three separate WMS systems currently running in each of those channels. Deployment of state-of-the-art warehouse automatic control systems (sorter, shuttle) managed by the advanced PSIwms software will significantly increase the number of orders with no need to invest in new warehousing space or to hire new staff.

Alfred Kärcher GmbH

The Alfred Kärcher GmbH logistics centre has been expanded considerably in recent years by adding 20,000 m² of space and 23,000 pallet compartments. The warehouse is operated by the PSIwms system which handles up to 15,000 products per day. This automated small-item warehouse contains a total of 85,300 bins. The automated pallet warehouse comprises eight work aisles. The expanded Alfred Kärcher logistics centre handles 1,500 order items per hour, which is twice the previous volume. PSIwms manages goods receiving and shipping, air and rail shipping and the dangerous goods store.


The FIEGE Group (FIEGE Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG) is one of Europe’s biggest providers of integrated logistics services. At FIEGE, the focus is on fashion, healthcare, heavy industry, consumer goods, vehicle tyres, mass media and multi-channel retail sales. The company has 150 branch offices in 15 countries across Europe, India and China. Robust logistics processes in three locations are managed by the PSIwms warehouse management system. In the fashion company’s warehouse at Burgwedel, the PSIwms creates batches, optimises routes, handles multi-stage picking processes, as well as a broad range of value-added services and end-to-end management of returns. At Erfurt, Fiege provides services to e-commerce clients, and the PSIwms manages B2C orders in addition to handling all warehouse operations. The distribution centre at Worms handles the stock of imported goods. With PSIwms, which adapts flexibly to client-specific requirements, Fiege is able to provide a wide range of different services to various clients.


Asmet is a producer and supplier of fasteners and special screws for plant and machinery in the construction, energy, petrochemical, agriculture and automotive industries. PSIwms manages manual and automatic processes at Asmet’s Distribution Center and controls flow of materials (MFC module) in the automatic mini-load container warehouse. Integration with the ERP system and with the system managing communication with courier mail providers optimizes end-to-end and just-in-time delivery directly to assembly lines.


Aflofarm is one of Poland’s leaders of the OTC pharmaceuticals market, selling its products in 30 countries around the world. A state-of-the-art central high-bay warehouse for 20,000 pallets is equipped with SSI Schäfer warehouse automation systems. PSI software controls the movements of warehouse automation systems, manages goods receipt, picking and goods issue processes, as well as the flow of orders combined with optimization of goods handling and equipment movements within aisles in the automatic warehouse. The project is also subject to GAMP5 validation required in the pharmaceutical industry based on the V-model, which involves qualification of each system design phase.

Inter Europol

Inter Europol is a Polish-owned and family-run company, which takes pride in being Poland’s current leader of the bakery business. The company offers a wide range of both freshly baked and frozen products which are delivered to consumers every single day, both across the EU and in a number of countries around the globe. Inter Europol has a fully automatic high-bay warehouse with the capacity of around 20,000 pallets, which is connected directly to the production line and is able to receive fully loaded pallets on a 24/7 basis (approximately 100 pallets per hour). At the very heart of this system lies the PSI Material Flow Control (PSImfc) software, which manages automatic control systems and handles selected Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionalities. The PSI solution features continuous control of pallet flow, including additional freezing or control of the loading sequence. The unique combination of the Material Flow Control software, the ERP system and the SSI SCHÄFER automatic warehouse controls enabled Inter Europol to launch a fully automatic and highly efficient 24/7 pallet storage and release system.

OSM Piątnica

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska (District Dairy Cooperative) based in Piątnica is one of Poland’s largest and most modern dairy production facilities, with the product range featuring over 150 various dairy products. Piątnica ranks among the most recognizable brands in Poland. The fully automated logistics centre at Piątnica with the total footprint of 1100 square meters holds over 5000 pallets in a high-bay warehouse with three aisles. An extended version of the PSImfc system, including WMS functions, controls the logic of warehousing operations. The material flow management system coordinates all processes related to picking, pallet wrapping, labelling and transfer to the cooling tunnel. Automation of warehouse processes boosted the efficiency of warehousing operations and optimised utilisation of warehouse capacity.

ABM Greiffenberger

ABM Greiffenberger is part of the international group senata Group. The company produces around 300,000 engines and drive systems for the heating industry, storage technology, forklift trucks, electric cars and wind power plants annually. The factory in Lublin has existed since 2013 and produces about 13,000 drive systems of various types every month. PSIwms harmonises the production at ABM according to the ERP strategy. In addition, the integration of the very narrow-aisle (VNA) stackers and the automated vertical storage machines enables high storage efficiency. The smart and dynmamic functionality in the PSIwms allows the analysis of the incoming receipt and emission orders as well as the automatic classification of the products based on their turnover. In this project, the fulfilment of the requirements for high-mix and low-volume production, including sequencing tasks and adapting the activities to order processes, is particularly important.


Deployment of the PSIwms warehouse management system for the company's Global Logistics Centre. Stuttgart-based HERMA is a leading supplier of self-adhesive products, labelling systems and stationery to European markets. The system’s core comprises an automatic 11-aisle small-parts warehouse with over 100,000 storing positions. In addition to the standard PSIwms features, the system included such additional functionalities as detailed analysis tools and middle-term resource utilization planning and archiving.


PSIwms ensures the optimal handling of 5,000 packages per hour at the distribution centre operated by DHL for HSE24. In addition to its advanced automation (multiple storage and retrieval machines, suspended conveyors, sorting machines), the PSI system supports and streamlines the work of more than 300 workers per shift. Its remarkable functions include order filling optimization by grouping similar orders. PSIwms allows one to select an optimal package for each order to match the types of products handled in the warehouse (such as clothing, household appliances, electronics, jewellery or cosmetics).


PSIwms has been deployed at the multi-functional Airbus distribution centre operated by Stute, a provider of logistics services. The centre covers an area of over 65.5 thousand sq.m. and handles orders from all over the world. Among other facilities, it features a small parts warehouse (capacity: 50 thousand containers) and pallets warehouse (capacity: 5 thousand pallets). PSIwms manages all warehouse operations, including advanced internal transport optimisation.