PSI Group Customers: gas & oil




PERN „Przyjaźń” S.A.

PERN "Przyjaźń" is a leading pipeline operator in the Polish oil logistics market. The system PSIcarlos, which has a built-in optimising engine, is a tool that supports the planning of pipelines as well as tank storage and the lightening of tankers at the marine terminal in Gdańsk. The functions include customer nomination (requisition) handling, planning for transports and storage, reducing the risk of contamination, pump optimisation, reporting and metering for accounting. Improved planning ensures reduction of pumping costs and is vital for the Polish and German energy supply.


E.ON Ruhrgas AG Essen

The project involved the integration of E.ON D-Gas whose business processes are based in the Hague and rely on the DAISY trading system. In technical terms, the project focused on properly distinguishing between various user groups and specifically their external business communication. The PSItransport, PSIcomcentre and PSItransact components were customised at E.ON to meet the new requirements of the Energy Industry Act. E.ON Ruhrgas is among Germany’s three largest energy companies and one of the world’s leading providers of specialized energy solutions.


AVACON AG Salzgitter

Upgrade of a TM system. Integration of a third-party system and interface to SAP IJ-U, delivery of the PSItransport  management system and integration with existing PSIcontrol module. AVACON is one of Germany’s largest energy companies and one of the world’s leading providers of specialized energy solutions.



Deployment of the PSIcontrol network control system. CEGEDEL NET is Luxembourg’s largest public utility company covering ca. 69% of the country’s electricity demand. CEGEDEL NET operates a 220 kC, 65kV electricity transmission network and a 20kV distribution network.


Gasunie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Gasunie is Europe's leading gas supplier with a strong presence in Germany where it is responsible for managing, operating and developing a 3200 km pipeline network. The approximate total length of all Gasunie-held pipelines in the Netherlands and northern Germany is 15 000 km. Deployment of a new PSIcontrol V7 network control system for network optimisation and monitoring. The system comprises the integrated PSItransport gas transport management module and the PSIganesi gas network simulation system.



A gas transport control system (in 5 out of 26 regional Gazprom companies); 5 hierarchical control systems to monitor and control the Blue Stream gas pipeline connecting Russia and Turkey across the Black Sea.


Verbundnetz Gas AG

Migration to a new version of the PSIcontrol V7 control system. The system contains an integrated PSItransport gas transport management module and PSIComCentre data exchange systems.


Kuwait Oil Company

A leak detection and location system for countrywide gas and condensate pipelines. Fitted with the additional features of simulation, forecasting, access eye monitoring and training simulator.


RWE Westfahlen Weser Ems Netzservice GmbH

Turnkey delivery of the gas tracking system PSIganproda, migration to the new process control system PSIcontrol V7. The software comprises the integrated gas transport management system PSItransport and the PSIcomcentre system. RWE is a German-based energy company, Germany’s largest energy producer and one of Europe’s top five energy companies.


Lukoil Oil Company

Leak control system for oil product pipeline.