• PSI Group Customers

PSI Group Customers: gas & oil




PERN „Przyjaźń” S.A.

PERN "Przyjaźń" is a leading pipeline operator in the Polish oil logistics market. The system PSIcarlos, which has a built-in optimising engine, is a tool that supports the planning of pipelines as well as tank storage and the lightening of tankers at the marine terminal in Gdańsk. The functions include customer nomination (requisition) handling, planning for transports and storage, reducing the risk of contamination, pump optimisation, reporting and metering for accounting. Improved planning ensures reduction of pumping costs and is vital for the Polish and German energy supply.


Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa, a member of the PGNIG Group, is Europe’s largest gas distribution system operator. PSG ensures safe transmission of gaseous fuels via a distribution network directly to end users throughout the country and handles the measurements of gas quality and volume. PSI will replace a number of existing systems from various providers with a single SCADA solution that will cover all PSG organizational units located around the country.



Migration of the leak detection and location system to PSIpipelines for the product and gas pipeline system of DOW Central Germany in Böhlen.


Kuwait Oil Company

Leak detection and location system for a total of 12 countrywide gas and condensate pipelines.


Open Grid Europe

Upgrade of the control and information systems for the DAISY dispatching system. The latest versions of PSIcontrol, simulation, gas quality reconstruction and transport management were implemented.


PCK Raffinerie GmbH

Specification and implementation of new pipeline specific applications, based on PSIpipelines, for online simulation, batch management, batch tracking, pig tracking, leak monitoring and stress monitoring for PCK’s product pipeline.


Nordion Energi AB

Online simulation system with leak detection, pig tracking and gas quality tracking.


Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH

Upgrade to new process control system PSIcontrol. The system includes integrated higher operating and security functions in PSIpipelines such as online simulation, batch tracking, leak detection and load change collectivisation.