Depot management  (DMS)

Depot management with our DMS system offers tangible benefits such as substantial improvements in the efficiency of infrastructure investments, considerably lower cost of infrastructure operation.

PSItraffic/DMS is an advanced tram and bus depot management solution. Its functionalities support all depot processes involving fleets, infrastructure, traffic and employees.

By tracking vehicle positions in the depot, it is possible to optimally manage numerous processes, including parking position selection and depot departure sequencing. The RFID technology is used to automate vehicle tracking from arrival at depot to parking to departure.

Depot management with PSItraffic/DMS ensures:

  • complete configurability and scalability
  • optimal management of multiple processes
  • choice from among many vehicle tracking and location methods
  • automated vehicle location

These functions provide real-time cost savings as each vehicle in the transport company's possession is used to the maximum.