SCADA - control and visualization

  • Effective Human Machine Interface (HMI).

  • Real-time data gathering and analysis.

  • Clear visualization of the condition of machinery and production processes.

PSIscada combines the advantages of a compact and flexible system with the functionality of SCADA class advanced systems.

Don’t get caught off-guard by unexpected downtime.

Make key decisions fast on the basis of credible and up-to-date production process data.

SCADA analytics


Learn from the past, monitor the present and forecast the future on the basis of credible information gathered according to your own needs.  Analyze what you want and the way you want. Data can be processed into user-defined rules.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Within the system’s functionality orders can be sent to machinery and equipment whenever an alarm goes off. Thus, one can quickly respond to an event when an alarm is triggered thanks to texted messages or emails.

Decision-making support

Decision-making support

By continuously controlling and analyzing production processes the system helps optimally use the potential of a production line by increasing its capacity.

Production reliability

Production reliability

Less downtime and fewer surprising defects thanks to direct control provided by PSIscada system and early downtime risk identification.

Ease of implementation

Ease of implementation

The system is easy to implement and integrate with other systems. Simple configuration in industrial installations in accordance with ISA-95 standard level 1 and 2.

SCADA scalability


PSIscada grows as your needs grow – in case of increased demand IT systems are easily expandable.

Production Process Visualization

Process Visualization

Non-standard, tailor-made visualizations. Full view of processes, display of key performance indicators and data from the production system.

Flexible alarm configuration

Flexible alarm configuration

Warnings and alarm conditions can be configured for measured values at and signals from machinery and equipment. Alarms configured in such a way can also be prioritized.

Graphical process visualization

Graphical process visualization

Data measured at production machinery and other equipment can be displayed in the form of a graph. Graphs are configurable, presenting one or more measurements.

Editing graphical symbols in SCADA

Editing graphical symbols

A graphics editor has a database of predefined symbols, while with an additional symbol editor one can create one’s own graphical objects.

Flexible topology modeling

Support of maps and cameras

Operation of interactive GIS maps allows visualization of alarms and events according to their geographic location. Support for devices compatible with ONVIF extends system capabilities with features such as dedicated BMS supervision of cameras and access control systems.

Intuitive SCADA configuration

Intuitive configuration

A tool-bar ensures fast and easy navigation. The normal screen view can be adapted to user preferences by using drag-&-drop techniques. Also, data can be easily exported to and imported from Excel.

PSIscada derives its functionality from the large scale SCADA solutions

by taking into account individual needs of every single company, regardless of its size and sector of business.


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