Full use of production resources

Full use of resources

PSImes uses resources to their full potential. It makes it possible to create a production plan in such a way as to minimize losses caused by changeover or downtime costs, or inefficient use of plant and equipment.

Full control of production

Full control

All data is recorded in one place. The system’s direct link with production offers the tracking of progress for planned production orders in real time..

Autonomous modules of MES system

Problem-Free integration

The MES PSImes system, thanks to a ready-made interface that has been tested on many projects, can be integrated with any ERP system used in a company.

Flexible Fit

Flexible fit

The system consists of autonomous modules, each of which can be implemented as a free-standing system, or as a suite of systems, creating a comprehensive solution.

Integrate MES with the existing IT infrastructure

Synergy effect

PSImes integrates with the existing IT infrastructure and maintenance systems. It supports just-in-sequence production and deliveries. 

Fast production data analysis

Fast data analysis

Graphical presentation of data cuts down the response time to events and eliminates activities which provide no tangible benefits. Identification of bottlenecks and response to them is much faster.

Production scheduling

Detailed order planning and delivery by work station, taking into account available resources and capacity. The module enables the tracking of production and lead times for orders, as well as simulations.

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Data recording

The module provides up-to-date information about the condition of production with reference to machines, tasks and production orders. One of the key tasks of the module is detailed and on-time production data recording, as well as data presentation and management.

Project management

This tool is used to plan and control complex projects with a large number of links between processes and resources. The tool uses a GUI environment, while state-of-the-art methods of network planning enable fast and simple modeling and accurate milestone setting (planning, plan adjustment and bottleneck analysis).

Personnel Planning

The functionality of this module allows assigning employees to specific tasks, activities or events, providing support to managers and planners, taking into account time availability of employees and their skills. It allows reviewing of working time of personnel and helps manage employees at plant level, with effective allocation of available resources.


A fully integrated tool with a lot of functionality to keep the software in top working order. All important events are documented, giving full insight into the operations of all machines and equipment under the supervision and maintenance of the system. On top of that the suite offers flexible reporting as well as integrated cost accounting and controlling functions.

Order Management

This module manages production orders, which are kept in a separate database. In addition, it allows the administration of internal tasks which have no impact on the production plan performance. External production orders are taken from an ERP system or from the Production Planning module. With this module one can also plan internal activities – unplanned, administrative, non-production jobs or rush jobs.