Develop optimum production schedules

The APS module in PSIasm makes production scheduling easier by enabling you to…

  • Develop your production schedules in just seconds, based on the technologies in place, available resources, and current production

  • Avoid long hours of Excel-based scheduling

  • Involve your planners in the scheduling process in real time

  • Enhance customer service and internal communication with automatic updates on feasible lead times and current order status

  • Automatically identify weak points and glitches in your schedule which undermine production efficiency

  • Analyse your production process stage by stage based on clear and simple data visualisation tools


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Control machine performance
in the shop-floor view
Control machine performance in the shop-floor view
Track resource utilisation levels and enhance
your production efficiency
Track resource utilisation levels and enhance your production efficiency
Monitor effective working time
at the staff level
Monitor effective working time at the staff level
Track the progress of your production process in real time
based on communication with production terminals
Track the progress of your production process in real time based on communication with production terminals


Track progress of your production process in real time

With the MES production tracking module in PSIasm, you can…

  • Streamline your work with necessary documentation kept directly at the production terminal

  • Automate and accelerate allocation of tasks to individual employees and work teams

  • Standardise and speed up data collection on order status, product quality and down-times

  • Receive real-time alerts on deviations from the original production schedule and adjust your schedule accordingly

  • Track your production process from any location and any device

  • Improve machine availability by predicting potential downtimes

  • Cut down production losses by controlling machine performance and process flow against the process sheet







Enhance production efficiency

The PSIasm production optimisation system allows you to…

  • Analyse all aspects of your production process against complete and reliable data

  • Streamline your processes with advanced metrics and forecasts updated in real time

  • Enhance your decision-making capabilities with production simulations and multivari-ant optimisation algorithms

  • Boost your quality through tighter control of the production process and more efficient work organisation

  • Cut down your costs by as much as 20% by minimising downtimes, rejects, and the time needed to collect and analyse data

  • Get rid of recurring errors with the insight into historical data on process parameters and operator performance

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Speed up your production data management

With PSIasm production data management tools, you will…

  • Gain access to a reliable process- and resource-related knowledge database (routing, BOMs)
  • Minimise the risk of losing valuable know-how due to staff turnover
  • Quickly update your technology-related standards based on actual performance







Inteligentna fabryka - komunikacja

Build a smart factory driven by technologies of the future

With PSIasm, you will:

  • Install applications in just several minutes – download the software only once and launch it in a location of your choice
  • Provide users with access to the latest software version based on automatic updates and their installation without any user interaction
  • Adjust the production terminal screen to your needs at central configuration level to ensure efficient and ergonomic work
  • Have greater flexibility in the choice of integration technology thanks to open interface logic
  • Quickly set up a standard server environment in Docker containers
  • Make quick changes with no production stoppages – with a consultant available on the spot who will have access to extensive configuration options

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Partnership model adjusted to your business needs


Standard product

  • Much faster launch of the production scheduling and reporting system – even within 3 months, and the APS module – within just 30 days

  • Lower cost of purchase of a system offering all basic functionalities to guarantee effective performance

  • Sufficient training to be conducted by PSI consultants and after-sale customer support to be provided as part of the system maintenance service

  • Possible system extensions to add extra functions at a later stage based on the agile methodology

  • Selected standard product functionalities: first-in (right-to-left) planning; visualization and planning based on Gantt charts; multiple planning by a number of planners working in real time; sourcing of data from the ERP system via a dedicated Excel sheet; standard MES terminal module

Customized software deployment

  • Complete functionalities of the PSIasm software including system tailoring to suit your business processes

  • Lower deployment-related risks as the project is to be implemented by experienced PSI Polska consultants

  • The project team and system users to be trained during a series of hands-on workshops

  • End-to-end after-sale customer support as part of the system maintenance service

  • Selected extra functionalities under full software deployment: various planning algorithms; schedule simulations; report creator; integration with the ERP system; access to scripting environment; MES terminal module tailored to specific production  parameters





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