Dynamic slotting

The program automatically selects goods storage and picking locations based on a range of distribution criteria, such as those derived from ABC analysis.

Inventory counts

The system performs the work involved in continuous or scheduled inventory counts (by area or stock unit). Stock-taking strategies may be defined for various storage locations or stock units.

Goods issue

The product batch management unit helps define goods reservation and issue strategies by the principles of FIFO, LIFO or FEFO, by series number or product batch. It is possible to prioritize by full or incomplete units, account for the availability of automation or its load.

Advanced order picking

Support for various order picking strategies such as multiorder picking, batch picking and pick&pack. Instructions for operators may be conveyed via workstations, portable terminals, pick-by voice or pick-by-light devices or on printed documents.

Transport and materials flow control

Dynamic support for inter-warehouse transport systems. When needed, transport is/can be divided into categories: transport orders may be conveyed to automatic transport systems (using MFC) and radio terminals for fork-lift trucks.


The system may control weight and print shipping labels. It may also suggest package size adjustment to match the product and, conversely, match the product to fit a specific package type.

Process automation in a warehouse

Process automation

The system automatically generates user orders according to task priorities and selects execution paths. This system will support users in their decisions or even take over decision-making entirely.

Optimization and savings

Optimization and savings

Advanced functionalities reduce lead times and warehousing costs and eliminate empty runs.

Rich standard functionalities

Rich standard functionalities

Even the standard functionalities help support automated warehouse logistics which can be tailored to meet individual demands.

Easy operation

Easy operation

Extensive configurability helps customize dialogue windows by using Click-Design. Depending on their profiles, users can create new screens and views using an intuitive graphical editor.



Stable uninterrupted operation – hundreds of thousands of orders per day, reliability ensured by well-tested technologies. Excellent system availability 24/7.



Use of modular architecture to customize your system to the needs of your enterprise. A set of tools and tailor-made functionalities support quick integration with the existing IT environment allowing efficient reconfigurations.


PSI’s strict procedures, multiple-level testing, ready-made test scenarios and technical support ensure efficient and secure deployments.


Modular architecture and seamless integration with your legacy IT environment helps to easily and effectively reconfigure the system and integrate it with legacy systems such as those received from diverse warehouse automation system suppliers relying on RFID scanners and voice technologies.


Regularly update software and add new functionalities to secure your investment over the long haul. 

Adaptive Scenario Management

Define or use ready-made scenarios for various circumstances. The scenarios define system response to specific situations to enable you to modify processes without interrupting warehouse operations in extraordinary circumstances.

Warehouse Advanced Planning

Pozwala na planowanie procesów logistycznych w magazynie, śledzenie realizacji zadań w czasie rzeczywistym oraz bieżące reagowanie na potencjalne odstępstwa od założonego harmonogramu wysyłek.

Material Flow Control

Automatyka magazynowa pochodząca od różnych dostawców integrowana jest z systemem WMS za pomocą modułu MFC.

Event Management

The occurrence of a specific event will prompt the system to apply the Event Management module to e-mail messages to a defined group of addressees, send reports to the system and/or trigger alarms.

Slot Management

Use the system to schedule on-and-off loading, time slot and vehicle booking, and graphical presentations in tables and Gantt charts.


Use the system to manage multiple sites by means of a shared installation. Each warehouse may be seen as a separate unit/site ensuring a proper security level.

Contract logistics

Contract logistics

  • Multiple customer support in single warehouse
  • Payments and invoicing / logistic services
  • Quick system adjustment to various logistic processes
Trade and e-commerce

Trade and e-commerce

  • High efficiency
  • Support for diverse goods picking methods (picking a specified number of items)
  • Efficient returns handling
    Production logistics

    Production logistics

    • Maintaining optimal stocks of raw materials, semi-finished products, spare parts and finished goods
    • Support for just-in-time, just-in-sequence and kanban deliveries
    • Optional MES integration