Transport management system (TMS)

Transport management by means of the PSItms system allows substantial cost reductions. Many companies have cut their costs by 10% by streamlining transport alone.

PSI’s Transport Management System (PSItms) is a complete transport optimisation tool for automating the most routine tasks.

The PSItms transport management module provides operational users with scores of tools to optimise dispatching and monitor the entire process of goods delivery to customer. The tools make it relatively easy to plan even the most complex movements in large logistics networks. By using the PSItms system for transportmanagement, you will gain the capability to define rules at multiple levels. This will make it easy to select the right carriers based on their rates, delivery terms, distances, delivery times, trip durations and transport modes.

PSItms-based transport management ensures:

  • complete control over task execution costs,
  • operating cost cuts,
  • fleet size reductions achieved by optimising loading capacities,
  • on-time deliveries,
  • an easy-to-operate transparent system.

The PSItmsincludes planning, scheduling and logistics network management tools. These ensure on-time deliveries as the system continually monitors discrepancies and rapidly responds to delays. Furthermore, PSItms helps reduce fleet sizes by streamlining loading capacities and selecting optimal routes. This helps substantially minimize a company's operating costs. With this ergonomically designed system, operations are reduced to predefined repeatable tasks considerably improving performance quality.