PSIilo’s functionality

PSIilo is comprised of several basic modules supporting flow management throughout distribution centers, compilation improvement and balancing workloads at individual workstations. The main focal areas of PSIilo software are:

Compilation processes

PSIilo improves compilation efficiency eliminating any related bottlenecks. Compilation management is supported by, among other things, the express support function. PSIilo supports the management of oversized goods, optimizes order start queues, full pallet and full box issuing and advanced sorting functions (e.g. sorting by customer within individual orders, sorting by product similarities and other criteria).

Package filling

PSIilo helps fill collective and shipping packages more effectively thereby minimizing the number of boxes used or maximizing box flows.


The system analyzes the availability of buffer spots used to supplement resources in picking zones, optimizes purchasing tracks (considering, for instance, picking spot capacities/volumes, distances from buffer zones and anticipated demand for specific products).

Business simulations

The software is fitted with a simulation module designed, among others, to simulate order processing and compiling and order flows through compiling stations for a range of variants and starting conditions. Scenarios are additionally analyzed and evaluated to satisfy current business needs.

Product range management at distribution center

The system helps effectively assign individual products to zones, divide products into fast and slow moving goods, as requested by customer, and minimize error risk. The above is made possible by spatially separating products having similar characteristics. In the process, the system considers e.g. package color and product weight, size, name, code and shape – it has the ability to process one or multiple characteristics at a time.

Warehouse space utilization

The software comes with management functionality as it offers strategic, tactical and operational planning. The tasks it carries out depend on worker utilization and workloads, the identification and removal of efficiency bottlenecks, graphical and numerical analysis and control over such key indicators as productivity, working time and cost levels.

Warehouse process management

PSIilo allows one to plan distribution center layout, simulate flows and efficiently manage the available space.