Optimizing intralogistics

PSIilo is a dedicated solution used to optimize intralogistics planning and management. This comprehensive IT tool helps raise efficiency and supports resource management.

PSIilo supports tasks having to do with merchandise placement in distribution centers, process simulation and process efficiency analysis. Its vast analytical functionality makes it more than a mere planning instrument as it becomes a tool for process improvement.

PSIilo has been tested internationally across many countries in streamlining the operations of distribution centers integrated into global networks and raising process efficiency in storage facilities in various industries. The system is dedicated to support mid-sized and large warehouses relying on varying degrees of automation and has flow management option.

PSIilo comes with modular architecture fitted with specific functionalities. It allows for integration with other IT systems based on the available infrastructure (such as WMS, ERP and order management systems). Individual optimizers can also be used as black boxes to run warehouse processes supported in other systems (such as WMS). The optimizers may operate independently as they are designed for resolving specific issues, some of which may be irregular. The analytical solution applied in PSIilo relies on a multi-level mathematical model which reflects the physical layout of a warehouse.

The system optimizes product placement, balances out workloads at individual workstations, optimizes packaging into shipping boxes (with proper account taken of package selection and package flow through compilation stations). The system additionally helps analyze resource flows through distribution centers and improves their operating efficiency. Other PSIilo functions include the placement of goods of a specific type in containers.

In the course of streamlining distribution center operations, the PSIilo:

  • improves warehouse planning,
  • improves monitoring of product placement in containers or pallet spots,
  • analyzes and optimizes flows within distribution centers,
  • improves workstation load planning,
  • optimizes shipping containers,
  • optimizes order sequencing,
  • helps in efficiency analysis and planning for process modification and distribution center expansion.

PSIilo helps improve operating efficiency, accelerate order filling and reduce packaging and shipping costs. The system allows one to model logistic processes for strategic as well as tactical and operational purposes. With PSIilo, you will gain access to our long-time logistic process management experience and knowledge.

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