Logistics network optimisation

PSIglobal can be used to solve even the most complex of problems affecting entire logistics networks. This comprehensive solution provides a substantial competitive advantage. 

At its core, the PSIglobal system is designed to facilitate logistics network planning, analysis and optimisation. It supports distribution, production, subcontractor supplies and the selection of sites for spareparts storage. The system can be used to help assess and improve the overall support chain by analysing multi-stage and intermodal transport relying on roads, railways and waterways.

It allows efficient modelling of logistics projects for purposes that are strategic (e.g. network location and structure optimisation) as well as tactical (e.g. transport network planning and warehouse capacity utilisation).

Logistics network optimisation at PSIglobal:

  • selection of optimal sites for warehouses or production facilities,
  • development of effective and cost-efficient transport networks,
  • planning and assessment of the adopted supply and distribution network models,
  • logistics network simulations,
  • centralised order and stock management.

The logistics network optimisations made possible by PSIglobal include the enhancement of processes conducted in the existing logistics network with a view to improving the flows of not only goods but also information and funds. This comprehensive solution comprises measures aimed mainly at reducing costs, improving delivery times, boosting efficiency and raising the company's operating profit.