Virtual power plants management

Virtual power plants play a key role in the smart grids concept and the move towards alternative sources of energy, as they ensure improved integration of the renewable energy generation into the grids and the energy market. Thanks to VPP, smaller systems can also be efficiently marketed. Virtual power plants enable the optimal use of interesting marketing options. PSIvpp is the right solution for managing virtual power plants.

A virtual power plant (VPP) is a cluster of distributed generation installations, stores and load-shifting consumers, collectively run and marketed by a central control entity. Thanks to VPP, smaller systems can also be efficiently marketed. The collective can minimise the risk of making forecasts due to the volatility of renewable energies through rapid control systems or shifting load consumption.


PSIvpp is PSI’s integrated solution is covering all required processes within virtual power plants:

  • energy balancing within the group,
  • market integration,
  • effective communication,
  • control command transmission,
  • online consumer and generation data pooling,
  • decentralised intelligent controllers.  

PSIvpp package for virtual power plant consists of the following modules:

  • PSImarket
    Key to this solution is a central portfolio management system based on stochastic optimisation which ensures optimum flexibility on the market at all times. A VPP can also be operated as a separate portfolio or as part of an overall portfolio.
  • PSIjscada
    A streamlined and efficient SCADA system provides for secure data communication, technical control and monitoring.
  • STU
    The Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU) developed by PSI offers an intelligent hardware solution for connecting VPP components.
  • Demand-side management - Optionally available.