Trade and sales of electricity

For over a decade now, PSI has been providing advisory services in deregulated electricity and gas markets. The PSI customer base includes numerous suppliers, regional distributors, public utilities and producers. One of the areas in which our systems are utilized is electricity trading.

PSI provides smart, practical and economical solutions for energy suppliers in the fields of production, transmission, distribution, trade and sales in the liberalized energy market.

Integrated electricity trading and selling

PSImarket supports all energy trading and sales in a modular integrated solution for electricity, gas, certificates, other goods and financial instruments. Its modular design allows flexible implementation of independent or integrated systems for various functionalities or goods.

  • forecast and risk management
  • portfolio management
  • nominations
  • balancing group management
  • invoicing

The system provides comprehensive support for the entire process ofelectricity sales from strategic planning to controlling. Its design is modular and hierarchical. By configuring individual functional modules to meet user requirements, a solution is developed that best satisfies our customers. This allows us to offer systems for various areas of application at various degrees of scalability.

"PSImarket, which offers a highly integrated approach and efficient functionalities, makes up the core of our energy management systems environment." 

Marc Blum,
Project Manager,
Trianel GmbH

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