PSIcontrol functional suites

Our customers are operators of various networks having varying voltage and other specifications. Shown below are typical applications of the PSIcontrol system.


EMS is a set of advanced processing (higher) functions designed to support transmission network operators for optimal management. EMS combines a range of functionalities including all necessary tools for boosting the operating stability of networks, ensuring optimal network utilization and operation with proper account taken of network limitations and business conditions such as contractual terms. The module additionally supports communication with energy market partners and full event reporting for balancing and auditing purposes.

DMS / Distribution Management System

PSIcontrol provides operators with a complete set of distribution network management functions. The DMS system supports evaluations of system status based on available information and presumptions based on distribution information. The system includes functions for guiding operators and aiding them in managing complex contingencies. Such functions include normative management, automatic generation of connection sequences, managing energy supply interruptions and full reporting. At the distribution level, network applications provide operators with complete functionality such as calculating network load flows and short circuits as well as optimisation, including loss reduction and transmission boosting.

OMS / Power supply interruption management

The system comprises all necessary stages of identifying damage and restoring operability. It supports all types of local damage, its isolation and energy supply restoration in the largest possible area of network as soon as possible. The system helps plan actions and manage any involved servicing and repair crews. It also automatically records actions taken during power outages in event logs, which is essential for auditing purposes.