Power network management (SCADA/EMS/DMS)

PSI systems manage large area power networks (supply and distribution) and heating grids. The functionalities of our systems go well beyond SCADA. We have earned the confidence of over 90% of German energy providers.

The functions performed successfully by our PSI systems include the basic tasks of the SCADA package (technological process control and monitoring). The system additionally performs such complex tasks as fault analysis, dynamic network simulation, network calculations and sequence switching.

Electrical power network management (SCADA) with the PSI system:

  • monitors overhead power lines
  • manages energy generation
  • manages network bottlenecks
  • forecasts renewable energy generation (wind and solar) - smart grid

The functions are continually developed in response to the changing demands faced by our customers. They can also be adjusted to meet new requirements at the level of the distribution network.

Transmission network management – the EMS, OMS and DMS suites

Even today, our customers benefit from PSIcontrol with fully integrated applications dedicated to medium voltage networks and the 0.4 kV network management functions. To ensure network stability, advanced management functions support proper smart renewable energy control in both transmission and distribution networks.

The advanced PSIcontrol technology offers a wide range of network management functionalities which meet the latest operational requirements. The system’s smart control functions allow optimal management of energy distributed or generated from renewable sources at times when transmission capabilities are limited.

The EMSsuite is a set of advanced processing functions which effectively support distribution network operators. It also supports event reporting for balancing and auditing purposes. Read more about the EMS suite »

The OMS suite manages energy supply interruptions covering all necessary stages of identifying faults and restoring system operability. Read more about the OMS suite »

The DMS suite manages distribution. It supports evaluations of system status based on available information and presumptions based on distribution information. Read more about the DMS suite »

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