Network maintenance team management

By collaborating closely with customers on many projects, PSI has developed a team management system to meet industry requirements. This combination of specific functionalities and features offers a significant potential for cost cutting and improving maintenance team performance.

Energy suppliers encounter a great number of challenges. One of the largest is to coordinate the work of maintenance teams with network operation. This is not just an aim but also a necessity. Additionally, energy suppliers need to reckon with business pressures such as the need to reduce headcounts while maintaining or even improving performance.

Network maintenance team management system PSIcommand has been developed to provide energy suppliers with a powerful solution for effectively managing network maintenance teams and field services.

PSIcommand network maintenance team management allows:

  • managing team by fewer personnel
  • gathering information for service orders more efficiently
  • superior analysis and better final decision-making
  • more efficient task allocation to service units

Based on operational information, PSIcommand and the PSIcontrol network control system work together to generate synergies.