WSW mobil GmbH opts for PSItraffic

PSItraffic/DMS will monitor and control around 300 buses across two depots. Source: WSW mobil GmbH

WSW mobil GmbH (WSW) has commissioned PSI Transcom GmbH to implement the depot management system PSItraffic/DMS. In the future, the system will monitor and control around 300 buses across two depots. In addition, the DMS will digitize and automate almost all processes and support the changeover to vehicles with alternative drive systems planned by WSW.

At the depots in Varresbeck and Nächstebreck, over 300 vehicles are dispatched, main-tained, cleaned and refueled every day. PSItraffic/DMS will optimize the fully automatic parking space allocation and the assignment of vehicles to blocks. This will enable the workshop to be utilized to capacity, the refueling and cleaning intervals to be carried out as planned and only as required. Thus, downtime and shunting times and the risks of ve-hicle defects will be minimized. Consequently, operating and follow-up costs can be re-duced, air pollution sustainably reduced and productivity increased.

In particular, the use of the first fuel cell buses by the WSW requires the implementation of PSItraffic/DMS in order to automatically assign the vehicles to suitable blocks and to plan and optimize the supply of hydrogen in a foresighted and cost-saving manner.

As a subsidiary of Wuppertaler Stadtwerke, WSW mobil GmbH organizes local public transport in Wuppertal and the surrounding area and counts over 90 million passengers a year. Therefore, WSW operates the Wuppertal suspension railway and a 66-line bus net-work on which around 300 vehicles are used.