Automatic forklift control system

CCC Distribution Center

CCC Distribution Center

In CCC’s distribution center, forklift trucks can be controlled automatically following integration of the PSIwms warehouse management system with the Jungheinrich FLT software.

The project is another milestone in the ongoing evolution of the PSIwms system. PSI in cooperation with Jungheinrich  integrate the wms system with the autonomous forklift operation function, which will contribute to the efficiency and safety of warehouse operations.

The PSIwms warehouse management system communicates with the software controlling Jungheinrich forklift trucks and sends information where specific SKUs are located in the warehouse. Using these coordinates, FLTs can reach the target location, pick up the items and transport them to the collection point. The operator’s role is to supervise and authorize forklift operations by scanning barcodes.

The PSIwms system deployed by CCC supports continuous communication between the server and forklift terminals and tracks their location in real time. Transport operations at CCC’s high-bay warehouse require exceptional accuracy and reliability, considering that the warehouse covers 55.000  square meters, with narrow aisles between racks.

Our distribution center has 111 thousand pallet spaces, and forklifts can be used for racks up to 17.5 meter high – explains Julita Barnowska, Logistics Director at CCC. Given the sheer scale of our project, there is no margin for error. Deployment of the combined PSI and Jungheinrich system made our operations more efficient while maintaining maximum safety.

A similar application may be implemented at any warehouse which has the PSIwms in place and uses FLTs of a certain type. It will only require warehouse mapping and access to interfaces provided by the forklift manufacturer.