New office spaces of the Szczecin branch of PSI Polska

[Translate to English:] Biuro PSI Polska w Szczecinie

Spacious and modern with an astonishing view of the Oder River and Grodzka Island - this is how the office spaces of the Szczecin branch of PSI Polska can be described in a few words. On Monday, 26th September, marked the official opening of the company's headquarters in the new location, where the new employees will soon be seated. The company, which is part of the global IT conglomerate PSI Software AG, plans to hire about 100 programmers in Szczecin.

PSI has been operating on the Polish market for 18 years and it employs more than 400 people at its branches in Poznań, Szczecin and Gliwice. Due to its ambitious business goals, it plans to create about 100 new jobs in the near future, mostly in PSI's branch in Szczecin.

“We are looking for IT specialists in Szczecin, primarily Java, C# and C++ programmers. We employ people with experience, but we also have attractive internship programme offers, after the completion of which, further cooperation is possible. Specialists who decide to join us will participate in international projects, serve the leaders of their industries in the Polish market and co-create the technological platform on which the Berlin company's products are based. This is our competitive advantage, as we do not carry out outsourcing work based on the development of foreign products, but create our own," said Arkadiusz Niemira, the CEO of PSI Polska.

The company's Szczecin branch is located at 1A Storrady-Swiętosławy Street. The newly opened modern space currently employs 20 people. However the team will gradually grow. For more information on ongoing recruitment processes, please visit the "Career" tab on

PSI Polska is part of PSI Software AG - a German company that currently employs more than 2,000 people all over the world. The company produces and provides advanced IT systems for companies in the energy, manufacturing and logistics industry, as well as for public transport. In Poland it coopera-tes with such entities as LPP, CCC, Empik, Cisowianka, Volkswagen, InterCars, MPK Poznan, ORLEN, ENEA, PERN or PGE Distribution.