The electrical grid in Paris is controlled by a PSI system

PSI Software AG has been awarded with an upgrade of the existing control system DANY4 in Paris to PSIcontrol 4.5 by the French distribution system operator Enedis.

Paryska sieć energetyczna sterowana przez system PSI

The new system will feature with specific functions to meet the special requirements of the distribution network in Paris (ring network topology) and will fulfill more sophisticated IT security requirements. In the metropolitan area of Paris, 2.1 million inhabitants are supplied by the distribution system operator Enedis with an annual energy consumption of 14,000 GWh. The electrical grid in Paris is designed with high redundancy to minimize power interruptions. The city is surrounded by a 400kV-power line, from which 225kV-cables lead radially into the city center. The voltage is transformed to 20kV und distributed via paralleling lines  using more than 30 transformer stations. The low voltage network is supplied via many of thousands substations. The network control system is also designed redundantly with related control centers including several operator working stations.The current control system DANY4 has been installed by PSI in 2008. The development of the PSIcontrol 4.5, which serves as a basis for the system introduced at Enedis, has been conducted according to the regulations of ISO27001 as well as the BDEW-Whitepaper, in order to comply to the sector’s IT-security standards.