PSIwms deployed at new LPP warehouses

Source: LPP

LPP’s new warehouse located in Moscow was fitted with a PSIwms system dedicated to handle the Russian e-commerce market. It’s the fourth PSIwms e-commerce roll-out at LPP.

The new facility covering 30 thousand square meters will operate as a fulfillment center to handle e-commerce orders in Russia. With this new project brought on stream, LPP will be able to complete up to 95 thousand orders per day, thereby increasing its e-commerce handling capacity in the Russian market threefold. The warehouse will offer room for up to 3 million apparel items in the spring-summer season or over 2 million apparel items from LPP’s fall-winter collections.

It’s the fourth PSIwms roll-out in our e-commerce warehouses. It will boost our online order handling efficiency at the company’s new facility in Moscow. Using AI algorithms, the system will streamline the order dispatch process by optimizing picking paths. Given the enormous interest among Russian clients in our online store offering, warehouse capacity and e-commerce order lead times are the key to success. Within just two months, we have broken our all-time record of the volume of orders received and dispatched, relative to the scale of our business in Russia to date – said Sebastian Sołtys, LPP’s Logistics Director.

High efficiency of warehouse processes is further enhanced by the optimum warehouse design, with appropriate arrangement of individual zones – including receipt, storage, order picking/consolidation and dispatch zone. The warehouse is located 19 kilometers off the Moscow ring road.

Despite headwinds triggered by the pandemic, we managed to complete the PSIwms configuration in time. Integration with Russian carriers and meeting very specific requirements related to the issue of goods in the Russian market were particularly challenging– said Marta Maciejewska of PSI Polska Sp. z o.o., project team manager.

With the new facility in operation, LPP’s e-commerce order handling capacity in one of the company’s key markets will be substantially reinforced. It has been yet another successful PSIwms e-commerce roll-out at LPP. In 2018, PSIwms was deployed at the e-commerce warehouse in Gdańsk, in 2019 the system was rolled out in Romania, and in 2020 – in Slovakia.  

LPP has been expanding its global supply and distribution network for a couple of years now. After launching the fulfillment center in Russia, the company’s storage capacity currently exceeds 270 thousand square meters. Later this year, LPP plans to bring additional new facilities on stream: a warehouse in Romania covering 22 thousand square meters and a Distribution Center in Brześć Kujawski, which should be ready for operation in the first quarter of 2022. At that point, LPP’s total warehousing area will exceed 370 thousand square meters.