PSIwms awarded "Best Logistics Brand 2020” in the “IT for Warehouse Management” category

Supply chain and logistics managers as well as experts voted the warehouse management system PSIwms from the PSI Logistics Suite to be the “Best Logistics Brand” in the “IT for Warehouse Management“ category for the second time after 2017. PSIwms placed third in the reader and expert voting from the journal LOGISTIK HEUTE and the Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. A total of about 300 brands competed.

The brands selected were those that enjoy the highest reputation among supply chain managers, logistics directors and experts in the German-speaking world and are relevant to the market. The brands were nominated by an independent nomination committee headed by Prof. Dr. Christian Kille, logistics expert at the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences.

"We are pleased to note the constant encouragement of the market participants", judges Sascha Tepuric, Managing Director of PSI Logistics GmbH. "In addition to the positive brand image, we see the award as confirmation of the high level of innovation that PSI Logistics brings to the development of market-oriented and yet future-oriented functions. To be selected as one of the best three companies in the 'Best Logistics Brand' competition for the second time is both an incentive and a challenge for our future work.