PSIwms at LPP’s new Distribution Center

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PSI Polska implemented the PSIwms warehouse management system including a Warehouse Advanced Planning module in LPP Logistics’ new warehouse located in Brześć Kujawski. It is yet another facility of the Polish apparel market leader with the PSIwms system in place. The PSI software will support LPP Logistics, an LPP Group company, in managing the flow of goods, warehouse automation equipment, as well as workforce.

LPP Logistics' new 75,000 sq. ft. warehouse is located in Brześć Kujawski in central Po-land.  It distributes up to 8 million garments and accessories per week. The center has two sorters with a unique offloading station design, handling up to 1,000 stores simultaneously. The facility also has a racking system with the capacity of 40 million garments or 67 thou-sand pallets. The warehouse is managed by PSIwms. The software handles the flow of goods, warehouse automation equipment, as well as the performance of warehouse personnel. Deployment of the PSIwms system with an embedded Warehouse Advanced Planning module enables efficient end-to-end management of all warehouse operations, including storage of goods, quality control, palletizing, buffering, various goods picking process-es, as well as packaging and shipping of goods. PSIwms also handles the receipt of deliveries directly from manufacturers, contractors, the Distribution Center in Pruszcz Gdański, as well as fulfillment centers handling the e-commerce market.  

Warehouse automation equipment ensures faster order picking, making it possible to issue over 300 thousand boxes with LLP-branded garments only in the first two months of operation. Such impressive performance was achieved thanks to the integration of PSIwms with modern warehouse automation control systems, and the efficient commissioning of the facility.  

PSIwms currently handles logistics processes at the LPP Logistics Distribution Center in Pruszcz Gdanski as well as fulfillment centers handling orders from online stores of LPP Group brands located in Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The partnership between LPP and PSI Polska dates back to 2007 and continues to flourish, with successive deployments of PSIwms supporting the dynamic expansion of the LPP network managed by LPP Logistics  as the operator.