PSI Polska to deliver SCADA to Aquanet S.A.

Aquanet S.A. of Poznań, one of Poland’s leaders of the water supply and sewage management business, has contracted PSI Polska to implement the SCADA-based control system for the Poznań Sewerage System.

PSI Polska will deploy the SCADA system at Aquanet S.A., based on the highly configurable and flexible PSI platform incorporating PSI Click Design, among other technologies. PSI was entrusted with the task of designing system roll-out, supply, installation, and launch of both software and hardware at the Water Treatment Station units at Wiśniowa Street in Poznań and at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Koziegłowy, as well as their subsequent roll-out in other units of the Poznań Sewerage System.The investment is part of Aquanet’s strategy to create a state-of-the-art centralized technology platform supporting remote supervision, control and online management of the company’s infrastructure, comprising pumping stations (with and without separation of solids), sewage separation units, metering stations, rain gauges, storm overflow units, siphons/traps, and sewage collection stations of the Poznań Sewerage System. PSI Polska was selected following an open tender procedure, and the distinguishing features of the software offered by PSI included high configurability and flexibility, driven i.a. by the innovative PSI Click Design technology. The system will supervise the infrastructure used on a daily basis by the inhabitants of Poznań and of the surrounding municipalities. The contract provides that the new system is to be launched within 25 months.Aquanet S.A. one of Poland’s leaders of the water supply and sewage management business and the largest company in the Greater Poland region offering the intake, treatment and supply of cold water, waste collection and treatment, as well as water and sewage management services.