PSI Logistics leads APEROL research project for autonomous driving

PSI liderem projektu badawczego w obszarze autonomicznej jazdy

The project team at the kick-off is prepared. Photo: e.GO Mobile AG

PSI Logistics GmbH was awarded the leadership of the consortium for the research project "Autonomous, person-related organization of road traffic and digital logistics" (German APEROL) by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

The goal of the project is the implementation, testing and validation of a holistic approach for an optimized, fully-automated organization of traffic that takes into consideration the individual needs of citizens and provides services for a fully-automated, optimized transportation system accepted by the public.

The partner project consist of five research institutions of the RWTH and the University of Trier, the City of Aachen, e.GO Mobile AG, MAT.TRAFFIC GmbH as well as Ergosign GmbH. Under the leadership of PSI Logistics, these will develop the technical basis for autonomous personal transport and digitalized services in the urban logistics by the end of 2020.

PSI Logistics will develop the required algorithms and simulation technologies for mobility services in the field of software. This includes, amongst other things, the development of a user-friendly graphical user interface for intelligent mobility as well as the development of a transport control and an integrated booking and remuneration system in a cloud-based framework.

The autonomous passenger vehicles management (scheduling, routing, and billing) is based on the PSItms Transport Management System from the PSI Logistics Suite. In the framework of the research project, amongst others, processes and methods of artificial intelligence will be developed and used in practice in the vehicles.