PSI delivers Warehouse Management System to ASMET in Poland

ASMET logistics center in Moszna-Parcela near Warsaw. Source: ASMET

Asmet contracted PSI Polska to deploy the PSIwms warehouse management system at the company’s new Logistics Centre located in Moszna-Parcela near Warsaw.

Asmet is one of Poland’s largest companies offering all-inclusive delivery of fasteners for plant and machinery in the construction, energy, petrochemical, agriculture and automotive industries. The company is both the manufacturer and distributor of fasteners, which include standard products as well as custom-made screw fasteners tailored to clients‘ special needs and expectations (e.g. non-standard dimensions, shapes, materials, protective coverings, etc.). As a result, the company keeps 40 thousand standard products in stock, with 50 thousand more available on order. To manage such an extensive product portfolio and ensure best-in-class customer service, the company must secure powerful logistics processes all along the Supplier-Asmet-Client loop.

The on-going dynamic company growth and the need for continuous enhancement of customer service quality call for further improvements in the logistics centre located in the vicinity of Warsaw. To that end, Asmet’s Management Board decided to invest in state-of-the-art warehouse automatic controls and the WMS system. Following an in-depth analysis of available WMS solutions and the potential offered by software deployment companies operating in Poland, Asmet decided to contract PSI Polska as the supplier of the warehouse management system for the entire distribution centre, including the MFC (material flow control) system in the automated miniload container warehouse. The PSI system is to be integrated with the company’s existing ERP and courier communication systems.

“Deployment of the WMS together with warehouse automatic controls is yet another milestone for us, following the recent successful implementation of the new ERP system and launch of the new Logistics Centre, on the path towards optimization of our logistics operations and the ultimate goal – namely, con-tinuous improvement of customer service quality. The PSIwms  system will help us, among other, to meet the ever-growing needs and expectations of our clients as regards reduction of order lead times, and to optimize our flagship service which we have been developing for years – the end-to-end delivery of fas-teners directly to assembly lines (known as the Just-In-Time system)”, said Janusz Onyszczuk, Organisation and Management Systems Director and Management Board Member at Asmet. “Bearing in mind the stra-tegic nature of this investment and its complexity, the key factors behind the choice of the supplier were both the previous track record and customer references in similar projects, as well as a strong and compe-tent local team to guarantee the most efficient system deployment. This is exactly why we have partnered with PSI Polska of Poznań, member of the international PSI Software AG group”.

 “We are very happy that the decision-makers at Asmet, Poland’s leading supplier of top-quality fasteners, recognised not only the state-of-the-art PSI software products, but also the vast experience of our team. This project is of great importance for PSI, as it will strengthen the company’s position among the suppliers of WMS solutions for advanced automatic logistics centres”, adds Piotr Picyk, Sales Director at PSI Polska.

The project deployment is expected to take around a dozen months. By 2020, the PSI system will manage  all manual and automatic warehouse processes, including integration with the ERP and courier communi-cation systems and well as the automatic miniload container warehouse.