PSI delivers multi-utility control system to Netz Leipzig GmbH

Netz Leipzig GmbH

PSI Software AG has been contracted by Netz Leipzig GmbH with the delivery of a multi-utility control system on the basis of PSIcontrol 4.6. Following a comprehensive tendering phase, Netz Leipzig decided in favor of PSIcontrol due to the functionalities already available in the standard product, so as to restrict project-specific extensions to a minimum. PSIcontrol will replace the previous system.

The new multi-utility control system meets the current requirements for security and retains performance and expansion reserves in a virtual environment. In addition, it provides secure interfaces for data conversion from the GIS system and other external data sources as well as for the extraction of archives into the office world. This allows for a future network control in the low voltage range through tracking with mobile devices.

With the process connection, the existing remote accesses will be converted to the IEC-104 data conversion standard. PSIcontrol can be operated in parallel with the existing system during the ramp up. To that end, the PSI IEC-104 security proxy will be applied; the proxy acts as an independent stage between the control system and the IEC-104 end devices, allowing IEC-104 conform, redundant connections to the control systems and RTUs.

Furthermore, the phased integration of open source application modules from the openKONSEQUENZ platform is planned. The cooperative, of which the Netz Leipzig GmbH is a founding member, develops modular, manufacturer-independent open source software for network operators.

The Netz Leipzig GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH. The Leipzig network consists of about 4,900 kilometers of electrical, gas and remote heating lines with 387,000 meters.