PSI Delivers Integrated Control System to DB Energie GmbH

New integrated control system for DB Energie GmbH based on PSIcontrol.

Germany’s one of the largest electricity generator plans to renew all switching points and network control points on the basis of the network control system PSIcontrol.

With the delivery of an integrated control system, PSI Software AG has once again received an important order from DB Energie GmbH.

DB Energie GmbH’s seven central switching points are responsible for managing the electrical network operation in DB Netz AG's overhead line network and DB Energie's 15kV switchgear feeding into the overhead line. The two network control centres manage the network operation for the power supply of the S-Bahn (rapid transit railway system) in Berlin and Hamburg. The central switching and network control centres are the operational control centre for DB Energie's 50 Hz medium-voltage systems, the remote monitoring of generators and the backup control centre for the 110 kV network.

The previously independent control systems are to be put into operation in the future in a uniform central, but regionally distributed integrated network control system, which provides for the distribution of the network system to three central computer locations and nine control centres. These will be located in Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Borken, Lehrte, Karlsruhe and Hamburg.

PSIcontrol has been successfully used at DB Energie since the beginning of 2000 and has been continuously developed to meet changing operational requirements. This means that a proven and tested software solution is available right from the beginning of the project.

In addition to concentrating the process coupling, the new system allows for mutual networking of the control stations with maximum redundancy. In doing so, all the requirements of IT security are taken into account and, in addition, potential for future tasks is provided.

The PSI partner DATA CENTER GROUP is taking on the complete infrastructure services and it is expected that operations will commence within about five years.