PSI delivers Depot Management System to MVG Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

System zarządzania zajezdnią PSI w Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft GmbH

Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

MVG Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (Mainzer Mobilität) has contracted PSI Transcom GmbH with the implementation of the PSItraffic/DMS depot management system for their bus and tram depot in Mainz-Neustadt.


The depot consists of a tram and bus area with 140 buses and 41 trams. The depot management system (DMS) is designed for at least 300 vehicles. The variety as well as the topologically complicated vehicle placement – including an underground parking lot for the buses – requires complex and sophisticated vehicle and block dispatching.

PSItraffic/DMS will optimise the allocation of blocks to vehicles so that the capacity of the workshop is utilised, cleaning and fuelling intervals are carried out as planned and required and the down time of vehicles is minimised. The dispatching core applied for this is based on PSI’s optimisation software, Qualicision, which finds a solution based on operational constraints within seconds.

The order also includes the equipment of the depot and vehicles with locating components. In addition, PSItraffic/DMS contains interfaces to the timetable and roster planning, to the fuel data collection and driver information and to the Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS), to SAP, to maintenance management and electro mobility charging management.

With the new PSI system, the MVG will be able to further improve its working processes and information flow for and between the departments vehicle service, workshop and driver information. This will result in reducing operating and follow-up costs, and in increasing effectiveness and efficiency of operations and workshops.

The MVG Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH, a subsidiary of the Mainzer Stadtwerke AG, operates the bus and tram systems in Mainz and the surrounding area. The MVG transports about 175,000 passengers on workdays, more than 53 million annually.