PSI Acquires the Swiss Network Planning Software Specialist NEPLAN AG

PSI Group continues to expand its strong position in the field of software for energy grids with the acquisition of the Swiss NEPLAN AG. Founded in 1988, NEPLAN has made a name for itself not only as a provider of technologically and functionally leading software for planning, analysis, simulation, technical and commercial optimization of energy grid expansions for electrical networks, but also for the cross-linked areas of gas, water and district heating. The cloud-capable NEPLAN software is used in network planning and asset management by more than 500 customers in 110 countries worldwide. PSI expects continued growth in demand for network expansion for the integration of renewable energies, for electro-mobility and for sector coupling.

PSI will enrich the real-time network calculations in the control systems with additional network calculation algorithms from the NEPLAN planning software. This also applies analogously to the gas network simulation PSIganesi. New algorithms are to be developed jointly in the future and marketed in high volumes via three product lines (electricity control systems, gas control systems, network planning). Numerous connections can be created between network planning (PSIneplan), field force management (PSIcommand) and the control system (PSIcontrol), which significantly reduce the maintenance costs of the network equipment and improve availability (SAIDI) through an extended planning horizon and precise aging models. The integrated Deep Qualicision optimization ensures the optimal achievement of the respective national regulatory objectives and at the same time the protection of employee interests.

The economic effects of the acquisition, which go beyond the addition of sales and earnings, will develop over several years. With the acquisition of NEPLAN, PSI is also preparing itself for export to customers who follow the fossil-fuel oriented DNVGL standard, which still requires loosely coupled offline network calculations.

With 17 employees, NEPLAN achieved annual sales of 3.8 million euros. PSI also intends to integrate the highly qualified team and the location near Zurich into the numerous major projects in Switzerland. In 2019, PSI increased sales in the Energy Management segment with 1,030 employees by 16% to 115.8 million euros.