PSI Acquires Prognosis Software Provider for Renewable Energy Feed-in

The PSI Group is strengthening its position in the field of energy grids with the acquisition of Potsdam-based Prognos Energy GmbH. Prognos Energy is a software company that has specialized in forecasting energy feed-in from wind energy and photovoltaic since 2015.

Prognos Energy has a mature software system for spatial and temporal high-resolution and precise power predictions. With increased meteorological know-how and additional functionality, the PSI software is to be further enhanced for the weather-dependent redispatch of the distribution network operators and for the reduction of control energy costs.

In the PSI Group, Prognos Energy GmbH will be assigned to Energy Management, whereby the existing, comprehensive software product portfolio for transmission and distribution grid operators will be expanded by a high-resolution forecast. In the future, PSI will connect the forecasting system with the numerous forecasting systems based on industrial artificial intelligence.

In recent years, PSI has established the GLDPM platform for communication between transmission and distribution network operators for its control system customers. This platform is prepared for the connection of the AI-based decision support system SASO and the distribution grid redispatch system so as to communicate with the transmission system operator from there or to control the own energy or energy from local flexibility markets. With this software combination, the distribution grid operators can optimize weather and load-dependent rerouting and control energy use in their network. The forecasting expertise and software will further improve the decision-making quality of the automated DSO redispatch.

Prognos Energy has well-known references, including the transmission system operator 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, for which Prognos Energy is active as a forecasting service provider. PSI aims to ensure that the future PSI Prognos software can be used for other transmission grids as well. In order to emphasize its affiliation with the PSI Group, PSI will rename the company.