Nordzucker AG optimises with PSIglobal

Using the new PSIglobal software supplied by PSI Logistics GmbH, Nordzucker AG in Braunschweig will in future be able to organise supplies of raw materials to its plants taking consideration of capacities, production, procurement and transport costs on a daily basis. The new module based on PSIglobal permits Nordzucker to achieve additional, previously unattainable, cost reductions.

During development of the new core module, focus was attributed to the requisite functions and algorithms for combined optimisation of production and logistics in day-to-day business operations. The module enables Nordzucker to achieve additional, previously unattainable, cost reductions.

In real time, PSIglobal receives from an upstream SAP system at Nordzucker capacity and demand key figures for various Nordzucker plants and the current and anticipated harvest yields on the suppliers’ sugarbeet fields. On this basis, the PSI software calculates the most cost-efficient supply of individual production facilities taking account of specified parameters. This occurs both before the beet campaign for selecting the least expensive beet contracts and during the campaign for controlling the logistics associated with beet deliveries.

The exchange of data between the PSI system and the upstream SAP ERP system at Nordzucker takes place via an interface using SAP Process Integration (PI). The planning results calculated using the optimisation module can be analysed at any time by the Nordzucker beet logistics department using the PSIglobal software. The optimisation algorithms on which they are based make it possible to weight the framework parameters as required and implement further specification tests.

Optimised logistics using the PSI system has already been commissioned at Nordzucker by late May 2017.