KAN already schedules its production processes with PSIasm

After less than 10 months on signing the contract, PSI Polska has deployed the PSIasm system at KAN Group. The newly launched APS and MES modules support the production scheduling pro-cesses and monitor order lead times for KAN-therm installation systems.

KAN decided to implement PSIasm in late 2020. The project was broken down into two phases. In phase one, the APS and MES modules were deployed, followed by rollout of the SCADA module, which will enable the acquisition of data directly from shop-floor units and automation of the com-pany’s production processes. Breaking down the project into two parts will allow the users to get to know the system’s capacities and adjust new functionalities to actual needs.

The challenges of the pandemic-stricken year only confirmed that KAN has made the right decision. Pre-deployment analyses and adaptation of the system to the company’s specific requirements continued throughout the pandemic.  

The KAN Group, a supplier of modern KAN-therm installation systems, is widely recognized in Poland and across Europe. The company manufactures high-quality plastic pipes, plastic and brass fittings, metal manifolds and fixtures, thermal insulation for floor heating, and a wide range of sheet metal products, including installation boxes.

PSIasm is a production management platform which supports production scheduling (APS), produc-tion monitoring (MES) and control of the production process (SCADA). Individual PSIasm modules may also be deployed independently.