K-FLEX opts for PSIasm

K-FLEX Polska in Wielenin-Kolonia

PSI Polska will roll out PSIasm at K-FLEX, Polish branch of a global manufacturer specializing in flexible thermal and acoustic insulation products.

K-FLEX POLSKA’s manufacturing plant located in Wielenin-Kolonia is currently the fastest-growing production unit across the entire K-FLEX Group. After its recent expansion, it now covers an area of more than 50 thousand square meters, matching the size of the Group’s other leading manufacturing plants in the USA and China. The polyethylene, rubber and mineral wool insulation products made in Poland are used in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, water supply and central heating installations, in the construction, transport, petrochemical and power industries. Over 90% of the company’s products are exported, mainly to Western European markets.  

K-FLEX has been committed to development and innovation for years. As its production volumes grow dynamically, effective scheduling and control of production processes is a must, and the existing systems did not provide sufficient capacity to meet the company’s needs in that area. That is why K-FLEX decided to deploy the PSIasm platform, whose APS module will support the scheduling of orders and operations based on the current status and actual production capacities, while the MES module will ensure ongoing monitoring of production efficiency, i.a. by monitoring KPIs such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and OLE (Overall Labor Effectiveness).

As we operate globally, we were looking for a solution that could eventually be deployed in our other plants around the world. PSIasm offers functionalities that will meet our current and future needs, while PSI will make sure that the system can be rolled out from the Polish plant to other locations across the K-FLEX Group. The capabilities that come with PSIasm will allow us to offer even more advantages to our customers, driven by higher production efficiency – said Bartłomiej Gröbner, Managing Director of K-FLEX Polska.

K-FLEX Polska is looking for immediate effects of system deployment. To that end, the company decided to go for an agile approach, with the key and standard PSIasm functionalities launched first, followed by gradual roll-out in other areas. With this methodology, implementation of PSIasm (from the signing of contract until system launch) will be completed twice as fast as an average deployment of APS/MES-class systems. A feature-rich solution will guarantee higher production efficiency expected by K-FLEX, and agile implementation will optimize project costs and quickly launch a system tailored to the company’s needs.

The innovative features embedded in the PSIasm platform are appreciated by the leading players in their respective industries. We are honored that K-FLEX opted for PSIasm to enhance the efficiency of its production processes – said Aleksander Faleńczyk, Senior Sales Manager at PSI Polska.