ITC Metal optimizes production processes with PSIasm

PSI Polska has signed a contract for the rollout of the PSIasm system at Investment Trading Consulting Sp. z o.o., a company offering metal processing as well as metal sheet, wire and tube products.

Investment Trading Consulting Sp. z o.o., owner of the ITC Metal brand, offers metal sheet, wire, tube products and flats, as well as metal processing. ITC Metal products are sold all over Europe, and the company is recognised for its excellent customer service and reliability. Its state-of-the-art machinery and equipment includes cutting-edge CNC machines. The company’s headcount currently stands at 300. 
The company’s dynamic growth calls for more efficient internal communication of up-to-date production schedules and order lead times based on an advanced production management tool. PSIasm will provide access to real-time shop-floor data and will enable ITC Metal to optimise its production capacity utilisation. It will also streamline the company’s production management and ensure faster response to unplanned shop-floor downtime and breakdowns.

“Having carefully examined all available options, we have decided to opt for PSIasm, considering PSI’s experience in the metal industry and the system’s innovative functionalities which will improve efficiency across the company’s key business areas“, explains Mariusz Czapliński, Production Director at ITC Metal. “We are set on developing the company on the technology side, also by using state-of-the-art IT solutions such as PSIasm. The system offered by PSI will allow us to boost production efficiency and remain competitive in the market.”

PSIasm is an innovative production management platform which combines the functionalities of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), production process control (SCADA), and Manufacturing Execution System (MES). PSIasm is designed to analyse all aspects of the production process against complete and reliable data and will bring tangible benefits across a number of areas, including production scheduling, shop-floor data management, and tracking of production execution. Within just several months of system integration, production efficiency can be boosted by up to 10%.

“Operational excellence is the key to the competitive advantage in the metal industry. With PSIasm in place, ITC Metal will manage both its production processes and costs more efficiently, while maintaining high quality of products and services. The company will also further improve its production processes and react faster to evolving market requirements by fully utilising its production resources”, said Adam Jednoróg, Competence Centre Manager for Production Man-agement Systems at PSI Polska.

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