GVB Amsterdam controls buses and trams with PSItraffic from the cloud

GVB Amsterdam controls buses and trams with PSItraffic from the cloud. Source: GVB Amsterdam

The Dutch transport company GVB Amsterdam has been controlling its buses and trams since 2005 with the PSItraffic/AVMS operations control system from PSI Transcom GmbH. Now, the system has been replaced by a modern cloud-based solution.

Since the implementation of the PSI control system, GVB Amsterdam has significantly improved the forecasting quality of arrival and departure times, punctuality of the vehicles, as well as cycle times and automatic switch control. Standard features include permanent tracking of vehicle positions and operating conditions, display of dynamic passenger information, and switch control integration. In addition, the system has been extended by interfaces for the transmission of data to central public information systems and display in route planners.

The new cloud-based control system PSItraffic/AVMS is completely hosted in the cloud, including all background systems such as database, switch control, and vehicle communication. This reduces server administration, hardware and software upgrade costs and allows 24/7 access to the system from anywhere. By processing more vehicle data, passengers benefit e.g. by faster and more reliable customer information.

The GVB in Amsterdam is the largest urban transport company in the Netherlands and carries around 900,000 passengers daily. The route network now includes 43 bus, 16 tram and five metro lines and five ferry services.