Banedanmark relies on railway electricity control system from PSI

Control of railway electricity network of the Danish railways with PSIcontrol.

Railway electricity power plant Esbjerg-Lunderskov. Photo: Banedanmark

PSI Software AG supplies the Danish rail infrastructure company Banedanmark, Copenhagen, with the new railway electricity control system based on the PSIcontrol network control system. In the future, this system will be used to visualize, monitor and control the Danish railway network nationwide.

With a large number of interfaces for connecting additional systems, the new railway electricity control system at Banedanmark will replace the previous control systems for the city trains (S-Bane) and long-distance rail network. One of the most important interfaces is the data exchange with the already existing PSI railway electricity control system at Trafikverket, the responsible authority for rail and road traffic in Sweden.

The use of the modern railway electricity control system from PSI makes a significant contribution to the reliable operation of the Danish traction power network. For optimum customer service in Denmark, PSI has set up its own site in Roskilde.

The implementation of the project should be completed by mid-2019. As part of Banedanmark's electrification program, additional rail lines will be added to the system and put into operation by 2029.

The railway electricity control systems based on PSIcontrol not only perform network control tasks, but also meet additional railway-specific requirements. Many of these solutions are already being used successfully by leading European railway network operators. PSIcontrol also complies with all IT security standards in accordance with the guidelines of the BDEW white paper and the ISO 27001 standard.