ABM Greiffenberger Polska relies on Warehouse Management System PSIwms.

PSI was commissioned by ABM Greiffenberger Polska, a manufacturer of electric motors and drive systems, to implement the PSIwms warehouse management system. Due to the dynamic development of the company and the goal of doubling the production by the end of 2017, PSIwms will automate the passage of materials and components.

In the future, PSIwms will harmonise the production at ABM according to the ERP strategy. In addition, the integration of the very narrow-aisle (VNA) stackers and the automated vertical storage machines enables high storage efficiency. The smart and dynmamic functionality in the PSIwms allows the analysis of the incoming receipt and emission orders as well as the automatic classification of the products based on their turnover.

In this project, the fulfilment of the requirements for high-mix and low-volume production, including sequencing tasks and adapting the activities to order processes, is particularly important. At ABM Greiffenberger, PSIwms will also support the delivery SCM process of the material delivered for the production in accordance with the Kanban system.

"With its range of functions, PSIwms covers the processes which are necessary to manage our company’s warehouse. The optimisation of logistics processes in the widest sense, the enormous flexibility of the system, the long-term experience of PSI and the strong consulting team in Poland were important criteria for us in the decision-making process, "says Paweł Sawicki, Manager Logistics at ABM Greiffenberger Polska.

"We have already been able to increase the efficiency by 30% . With PSIwms we intend to improve the efficiency of the warehouse by a further 20%, optimise the storage area, reduce the inventory and increase the productivity of new warehouse workers only a few hours after the training."

With PSIwms, ABM Greiffenberger Polska is able to improve the processes in the sense of "lean production" and reduce the costs for logistics processes. The order to implement the project at the Lublin factory was signed in the first quarter of 2017. The implementation is to be fully implemented by the end of the year. ABM and PSI will continue the cooperation for a continuous optimisation of the logistics processes.

ABM Greiffenberger is part of the international group senata Group. The company produces around 300,000 engines and drive systems for the heating industry, storage technology, forklift trucks, electric cars and wind power plants annually. The factory in Lublin has existed since 2013 and produces about 13,000 drive systems of various types every month.