10 years of PSI in Poland: a time of change and innovation

With the implementation of projects for market leaders and developing products in different industry sectors, Polish branch of  PSI AG in just a few years has become an important player on the polish IT solutions market.

PSI Poland is a subsidiary of PSI AG based in Berlin, Germany. New business opportunities after Polish accession to the EU, realization of “Grow East” Group strategy and presence of skilled IT specialists were main factors that influenced the decision of opening branch in Poznan, Poland.

The origins of PSI in Poland is primarily execution of orders from PSI Group, operating mainly in the German market. Poznan branch was mainly performing the tasks associated with outsourcing. Currently PSI Poland carries out its own projects and supports worldwide implementations of PSI AG software. Poland has additionally assumed some of the tasks involved in developing PSI’s products.

Today PSI Poland is an experienced player on the Polish IT market employing highly skilled programmers, engineers, analysts and consultants.

Our first customer was SAPA Aluminium - one of the biggest producers of aluminum. SAPA Aluminium has been using PSI solutions continuously for eight years. In 2007, we won the first customer in the area of logistics: LPP, owner of well- known clothing brands (eg., Reserved, House and Cropp). Two years later, we won first contract in the energy industry. In 2014 we delivered previously unknown in Poland system for automatic management of tram depot. In just a few years, we have became a major player in the domestic market of software producers. This year, our revenues will reach 40 million zlotys - says Arkadiusz Niemira, CEO of PSI Poland.

Getting clients in the local market is not the only area of activity of the Polish branch of PSI. We actively participate in the development of PSI Goup software. It PSI Poland that creates framework, upon which are built software products distributed worldwide. Results of the work of our Polish team can be seen on virtually every continent, from steelworks in California to a dam on the river Sungai Muda Malaysia - adds Arkadiusz Niemira.

The development of the portfolio is accompanied by the rapid development of resources and personnel. When we started, our office was actually in one  room. After a little more than seven years of operation, in June 2012 we employed 100th employee. At the moment our team consists of nearly 200 professionals - says Agnieszka Białobrzeska, Marketing Manager at PSI Poland.