• PSI Polska Kariera

employees in Poland,

1,700 around the world

completed IT projects,

in more than 20 industries

teams working collaboratively,

4 departments


30 million lines of code

  • PSI Franowo depot management system
  • PSI warehouse management system
  • PSI smart city


Worth applying to PSI?

PSI Kariera Projekty

International projects 

You can co-create and implement your own PSI solutions. Your work matters.

PSI Atmosfera

Work-friendly atmosphere

Working with us, you can feel at ease, make new friends at work in a team you trust.

PSI Pierwszorzędna lokalizacja

Great location

We are situated in the city centre in Poznań, 3 minutes away from the railway station. In Szczecin, you can step out into a pedestrian street.

PSI Elastyczne godziny pracy

Flexible working hours

Flextime to start work between 8 and 10. You can get time-off in the day if you need to attend to personal matters regarding a doctor appointment, lunch, etc ;)

PSI Komfortowe biuro

Comfortable office in Poznan

Our offices are designed to wok more productively and efficiently in a small rooms as oppose to open-plan offices, with access to chillout-room. If you commute by bike, you can even take a quick shower here.

PSI Zaangażowanie w rozwój

Engaging in development

By participating in technology training sessions, you can acquire specialized skills, and even sign up to learn languages with native speakers.

PSI eventy

Corporate and family events

An opportunity in the year to take part in a PSI integration event, and around 20 other events, including those organized for children.

PSI Opieka medyczna

Medical care

You are provided private medical care, and can be vaccinated for free against influenza. Fresh fruit baskets are supplied to our office every Wednesday.

PSI sportowa firma

Sporting company

Start for free in the Poznan half-marathon or take part in the June relay in Berlin. What's more you can train with the PSIzaprzęg bike group.


Our code of practice

PSI Polska Kodeks

We respect each other

PSI Polska Kodeks

We work as a team

PSI Polska Kodeks

We are engaged and commited to our work

PSI Polska Kodeks

We create the space for conversation


PSI Polska Kodeks

We enjoy cracking problems (and nuts too ;)


PSI Polska Kodeks

We communicate directly


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Have any questions? Write to us!


Paulina Zwolińska-Chrobak
Recruitment Specialist

tel. 603 273 001
e-mail: pzwolinska@psi.pl
Skype: pzwolinska_2


Alicja Chylińska-Majchrzak
Recruitment Specialist

tel. 603 905 003
e-mail: achylinska@psi.pl
Skype: live:achylinska_2