Preconfigured PSIwms system for an e-commerce warehouse - or how to benefit from the experience of others Putting proven solutions to work

11 May 2023, Case study

Every e-commerce company knows how important it is to handle logistics processes efficiently. To ensure it, IT support in the form of a WMS system is essential. Until recently, launching such a system was quite a challenge. In the e-commerce warehouse of Hisert, PSI Polska implemented a preconfigured system ready to manage the warehouse, which significantly reduced the time and cost of implementation.

PSIwms deployed at Asmet’s Logistics Centre

29 Jun 2021, Logistics

Implementation of warehouse automatic control solutions calls for integration with an advanced warehouse control system. The PSIwms warehouse management system deployed at Asmet’s Logistics Centre controls the flow of goods based on optimised warehouse algorithms.

Automatic forklift control system

03 Sep 2020, Logistics, Case study

Where there is no room for mistake, it is worth focusing on process automation. In the CCC warehouse, PSI integrated the warehouse management system with Jungheinrich automatic forklifts, which improved the speed of operations while maintaining maximum safety.